09.05.2020 11:00

Spin Class with Rory

Every Friday, live at five, we're hosting a spinning class led by one of our Pro ambassadors from Israel Cycling Academy or Bigla-KATUSHA.

Ride it out. But ride inside.

Last Friday, Rory Sutherland hosted the 'semi happy half hour' from his lair in Spain. A nice recovery spin, with a little bit of cadence work. Did you tune in?

We highly recommend joining in for the live version of our home training sessions... they're interactive and you almost have the impression that you're there in the room with everyone else. However, if the timings don't work for you, we'll keep posting them here on the blog afterwards.

30 minutes to spare? Spend them here. Or if you're looking for something with a bit more punch check out one of these:

40 minutues of high cadence with Sophie

Intervals with Hugo