09.05.2020 11:00

Supporting the Bigla-KATUSHA riders

KATUSHA Sports to contribute profit from sales of women's replica kit to assist the efforts of Bigla-KATUSHA.


Due to the unforeseeable circumstances, KATUSHA Sports has suffered greatly for the last months, causing a strong financial hardship for the young company. Because of this we are temporarily unable to fulfil our financial contribution to Team Bigla-KATUSHA.  


Regardless, we aim to support the riders as much as we can. We care about the welfare of the athletes, and their longer term career trajectories, and hope they will be able to race as soon as possible and as much as possible.


As an immediate measure, KATUSHA Sports has taken the decision that the profits of the Bigla-KATUSHA collection kit sales via KATUSHA-Sports.com will be donated to helping the riders and enabling them to race this season.


Additionally, any other items purchased with the code B4TBK will contribute an additional 10% from such items’ price to the fund.


Shop the collection, here.